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Briskport: Get Started Guide

Welcome aboard Briskport! Our commitment is to amplify the value you derive from your conversations by enabling easy exports directly to your warehouse. This strategy facilitates deeper analytics, boosts customer service, and ultimately enhances customer relations.


Briskport's strength lies in three pivotal actions aimed at enhancing your user experience:

  1. Linking Briskport with Crisp: This is the foundation, connecting your Briskport account with your Crisp site, paving the way for smooth data exports.
  2. Configuring Your Warehouse: This involves setting up your warehouse, primed to receive and systematically organize the exported chat data.
  3. Warehouse Configuration in Briskport: Once your warehouse is ready and integrated with Crisp, it's crucial to configure its details in the Briskport platform for proper functionality.

Let's delve into the process:

Step 1: Linking Briskport with Crisp

Harness the full spectrum of chat data analytics by interlinking your Briskport and Crisp accounts. This linkage creates a fluid conduit for your chat data, channeling it effortlessly from Crisp straight into your warehouse. Our detailed guide will steer you through this essential phase.

🔗 Engage with Briskport-Crisp Integration

Step 2: Configuring Your Warehouse

With the Briskport-Crisp bridge in place, it's time to sculpt your warehouse, the final destination for your invaluable chat data. Proper configuration is paramount to ensure it's ready to accept, store, and scrutinize the incoming data. Our meticulously crafted guide will elucidate every aspect of this setup.

🔗 Commence Your Warehouse Configuration

Step 3: Warehouse Configuration in Briskport

After setting up your warehouse and connecting with Crisp, it's essential to integrate this warehouse with Briskport for seamless data flow and management.

  1. Log into your Briskport account.
  2. Navigate to the Warehouse Configuration section.
  3. Enter the relevant details of your warehouse such as the database connection string, type of database, and other necessary parameters.
  4. Save your configuration. Once completed, Briskport will start listenning and storing data from Crisp into your warehouse.

🔗 Complete the Warehouse Configuration in Briskport

Embarking on this structured journey lays the foundation for a dynamic analytical perspective on customer interactions. If hurdles or queries arise, our dedicated support team is on standby to guide you through every phase of your Briskport adventure.